The Value of Companion Animals in Senior Assisted Living

As we begin to foresee the need for assisted senior living, one of the most devastating thoughts for many is being forced to give up a beloved pet. Pets bring so much to our lives, with unconditional love and constant companionship, that just the thought of being without them can be just terrible. Thankfully, many assisted living facilities today, including Ashbridge Manor, are pet-friendly senior living accommodations, where you or your loved one can make a seamless transition into the new lifestyle without giving up the pet you love so much.

This is an exciting trend in assisted senior living, because the health benefits of having a pet companion are almost unmeasurable. They include:

  • Stress-reduction. The stress associated with a sudden change in lifestyle, including moving into an assisted senior living facility, can be significantly softened when you bring a pet along. A familiar pet makes anyplace feel like home, and you and your pet can adapt to the situation together. Pets can be relaxing, lowering blood pressure and improving other stress-related symptoms for better health outcomes.
  • Social interaction. Meeting new friends can be difficult at any age, but a pet is a great ice breaker. It’s much easier to initiate a conversation when you have something in common – for example, two dog owners can approach each other and talk about the dog-owner experience. 
  • Exercise and outdoor time. Even wheelchair-bound seniors can benefit from walking their dog by having an excuse to get outside and enjoy the facility’s green spaces, and those who can walk always benefit by taking a stroll outside. For seniors with less mobility, staff members at the senior living facility can help.
  • Companionship and purpose. Even with others around, it’s sometimes easy to feel alone. But with a pet who depends on you, you have both a purpose in each day and a 24/7 companion. Seniors with pets are less likely to feel lonely or depressed.

For many seniors, one of the main concerns about having pets is the ability to keep up with their care. At many senior living facilities, including Ashbridge Manor, wellness care amenities include help with feeding and caring for pets, so seniors can enjoy all the benefits of pet ownership with few concerns.

If you are ready to transition to assisted senior living, Ashbridge Manor Senior Living will help you make a seamless, enjoyable transition to your new active and healthy lifestyle. Our pet-friendly environment also provides care services for your pets, so you can enjoy assisted senior living for you and your companion animal. Our facilities will make you feel at home, with top-notch amenities, interesting daily activities, and a friendly sense of community. You can find us at 971 E. Lancaster Avenue in Downingtown, PA, call 610.269.8800, or contact us online for more information.