Spring Cleaning Tips: Decluttering Your House


Spring is almost here, and now is a great time to start clearing out the clutter. Over the years, we collect so many things that eventually it can be hard to keep the house clean, so its important to take time each year to clear out things you no longer need. Clutter is also a safety issue for seniors because more clutter means an increased risk of falls. Here are some easy tips that will help you clear away the clutter this spring. Make a plan. Everyone has their own method for tackling a big job like decluttering. For some, setting aside a full day or two to get the job done quickly is the best option. But for many seniors, that much activity is too strenuous, so its better to use a slower, steadier plan to finish the work. Try measuring your progress by each container or garbage bag full of clutter that youre throwing away, giving away, or donating, and aim for one container each day. Clear a space to work. Decluttering works best if you make a dedicated space to sort through your belongings, with one pile for things you want to keep, another of things you want to donate or give away to friends or relatives, and a third for trash. Enlist help. Decluttering can be a big job, so be sure to ask for help, especially if you have mobility issues. Having someone with you can make the process easier, and they can also help you make decisions about which items you want to keep. Enlist the help of a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor and enjoy the process. Set aside keepsakes and make decisions about them later. We all have treasured memories that resurface when we come across keepsakes from the important times in our lives. While decluttering, set them aside to make decisions about them later and get rid of things youll throw away or donate first. Once that clutter is gone, youll have a better idea of how many mementos youll have room to keep. Make your decisions firm. Once youve decided to throw away or give away items, do it right away. This will keep you from second-guessing your decisions and make clearing away clutter easier. Spend more time deciding about special keepsakes, but make sure to follow through on these decisions right away as well. Clearing out the clutter makes your home safer and easier to clean, so following a plan can make the process easier. And when its time to consider transitioning to a senior living facility, connect with our professional senior care experts at Ashbridge Manor Senior Living. Our senior living facilities and recreational programs are designed to provide a healthy, active lifestyle in a friendly, caring community. You can find us at 971 E. Lancaster Avenue in Downingtown, PA, call 610.269.8800, or contact us online for more information. Ask us about our move-in special! Ashbridge Manor is a safe, COVID-free senior living community.

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