Elegant Haircut Ideas for Senior Women


With the holidays coming up soon, you may be looking for a way to look your best for the family celebrations ahead. Too often, senior women get stuck in a pattern with the same hairstyle every time without trying something new but there are plenty of elegant, sophisticated looks that you can try today! Here are some of our favorite hairstyle requests from our Ashbridge Manor luxury salon. Spiked pixie. The pixie is a great style for any woman, but its especially elegant on those of us mature women who want an easy-to-style look. A spiked pixie adds a bit more excitement with a slightly longer top layer that you can spike up with styling gel for a great overall look. The wavy bob. Heres another look thats trending for women of all ages the bob. The classic bob has a single length all the way around, usually at about the chin level. While lots of women think that their naturally wavy or curly hair means that they cant try a bob nothing is farther from the truth! A textured, wavy bob is a gorgeous, sophisticated look that youll love for your new style. The shag. While most people think of long hair when they think of this classic style, the shag works well for just about any length, starting at about the shoulders. A shag is a layered look thats messy and controlled at the same time, and its especially pretty when you have some natural texture to your hair, although it does work just as well if your hair is straight. Bangs. If you havent tried bangs in years, now may be the time to add a little variety to your hairstyle. Bangs of all types add a new shape to your hair as it frames your face, and they can make quite a difference in your hairstyle. Highlights. Whether you color your hair or not, highlights can add brightness and dimension for a cheery look this holiday season. Even if your hair is a natural grey, adding bright silvery highlights is a fun way to change up your look for an elegant, light-reflecting holiday look. Changing up your hairstyle or hair color is a fun way to put a little style in your holiday season. And at Ashbridge Manor Senior Living, our senior apartment residents have the benefit of our onsite luxury salon, with stylists who understand how to create a sophisticated, beautiful look for seniors. When its time to consider transitioning to a senior living lifestyle, our experts can help you choose the right floorplan for your active lifestyle, with great amenities like our luxury salon right on the property. Were located at 971 E. Lancaster Avenue in Downingtown, PA. To reach us, call 610.269.8800 or contact us online for more information. Ask us about our move-in special! Ashbridge Manor is a safe, COVID-free senior living community.

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