Step Into Spring With These Fun Activities For Seniors


Winter is a tough time of year for seniors. Being cooped up inside for months takes its toll and affects both mental and physical well-being. But thankfully after a long, dark winter, there is the promise of springtime with more hours of sunshine and a much more appealing forecast. Now that spring is here its time to take advantage of the milder weather to get outdoors, soak up some vitamin D, and get some fresh air into your lungs. Its also a great time to have a little fun. Here are some fun activities to help any older adult step into spring. Start A Stretch Routine After a long winter spent hibernating indoors, it's important for older adults to get their bodies moving again. A stretch routine may not be the first thing you think of that's a fun activity, but with the right mindset, it can be very enjoyable. As the days go warmer with more sunshine and blue skies it's good to take a new perspective. Stretching can be done pretty much anywhere and anytime, so use the call of spring to get outside in the fresh warm air to stretch it out. Not only does stretching help your body stay flexible performing stretching exercises regularly has other benefits as well. It can help relieve pain, improve circulation, reduce stress, improve self-confidence, increase independence, and provide an overall sense of well-being. This can be turned into a social event by asking some friends to join in the fun. Take a Hike Another way to get your body moving is to get out and enjoy all the lovely sights, sounds, and smells of springtime by taking a nature walk. Choose a park with a walking trail that's within your physical ability to navigate safely, lace up those walking shoes, and head out for a stroll. Being out in nature has many benefits including reduced stress, improved mood, better concentration, and sometimes it can even lower blood pressure. Invite friends or grandchildren to join you and take the opportunity to really have fun exploring nature together. If you have mobility limitations there are paved walking trails that are both walker and wheelchair accessible so you can still get out and enjoy the beautiful spring scenery. Plant Something Getting your hands into garden soil has been linked to some pretty incredible health benefits such as improved heart health, increased physical strength, improved mental well-being, and immune system regulation, just to name a few. Gardening is the favorite springtime activity of many looking to get outdoors and have fun. Whether you enjoy gardening in a group pretending your plants by yourself it's always fun to put seeds in the ground and watch them burst forth with new life. So get outside and start a small container garden or put some pretty flowers in a window box or on a sunny window sill. Go On a Picnic What is more fun than a springtime picnic? Whether you are packing a picnic lunch and heading to a nearby park or simply moving your dinner to a table outdoors its fun to grab some family or friends and enjoy a meal together outdoors. Its even fun to dine solo on a blanket under a tree in the park with a good book. If there will be any children coming along be sure to bring some fun activities like bubbles, a ball, sidewalk chalk, or a frisbee. If your mobility level doesnt allow for sitting on the ground find a park with a nice picnic table or bring some folding chairs along that you will be comfortable in, or simply picnic on your deck, patio, or courtyard. No matter the location a meal outdoors instills a childlike sense of fun. Pick Some Strawberries Theres no need to wait for fall to experience the fun of life on a farm. Theres more to do than pick apples or pumpkins. The peak season for strawberries is spring and chances are there will be a strawberry festival or pick-your-own strawberry farm somewhere near you. And the fun doesnt end once the strawberries are picked. Then its time to have some fun in the kitchen with your fresh farm fare and whip up a batch of strawberry jam, a strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie, or any number of salads, baked goods, or smoothies. Build a Birdhouse or Bird Feeder Bird watching is a favorite pass time and hobby of many, and theres no better time for it than in the spring when all the birds return to their summer nesting grounds. You can help attract them to your favorite outdoor spots by building and hanging a birdhouse and bird feeder. It will give you a fun and creative project to work on as well as give you the continuous joy of watching your feathered friends throughout the year. Whatever fun spring activities you choose make sure they bring you joy, get you outside, and get you moving. 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