The Importance of Sleep for Seniors


We all need sleep, but as we age, the quality of our sleep may diminish due to medications and other causes. Prioritizing a good night’s sleep is especially important for seniors. Here’s why.  The purpose of sleep is rejuvenation. During your sleep cycle, your body repairs cell damage and gives your immune system a refresh. These efforts positively affect your health by optimizing brain and body functions that can help improve memory and concentration, protect against disease, and even elevate your mood. So how can you get the quality sleep you need in your senior years? Be consistent. Your body works on rhythms, so a regular sleep schedule can help you fall asleep. Choose a bedtime and stick with it as closely as possible. Have a routine. A regular bedtime routine helps you wind down from the day so you can get to sleep quicker. A warm bath is perfect since it warms your body and lets you slowly cool down into a relaxing sleep. If you’re not a fan of baths, try spending the time listening to calming music or reading a relaxing book. Avoid screens before bed. Give yourself at least a half-hour without the TV, cell phone, computer, or tablet. Their light makes it hard to go to sleep, and the content of what you watch or read can also unsettle your mind.  Plan your meals and beverages. A heavy meal before bedtime makes it hard to sleep, and stimulants like coffee or alcoholic beverages will affect your ability to fall asleep quickly. Plan your meals and snacks to encourage good sleep. Avoid naps if you can. Naps can be refreshing and sometimes necessary, but if you need them, try to schedule them earlier in the day so they don’t affect your sleep at night.  A good night’s sleep is an important part of good health for seniors. At Ashbridge Manor Senior Living, we encourage an active, healthy lifestyle with quality sleep for our seniors, so when it’s time to consider a transition to a senior living facility, give us a call and our professional staff members can help. You can find us at 971 E. Lancaster Avenue in Downingtown, PA, call 610.269.8800, or contact us online for more information. Ask us about our move-in special! Ashbridge Manor is a safe, COVID-free senior living community.

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