Discover the Heartfelt Benefits of Personal Companion Services at Ashbridge Manor Senior Living


Welcome to Ashbridge Manor, where we understand that senior living is not just about providing a place to stay; it's about creating a vibrant community where our residents feel supported, cared for, and valued. Today, we explore the personal companion services we offer and how they benefit the wonderful people who call Ashbridge Manor home.

A Helping Hand for a Healthy Lifestyle

One of the cornerstones of a happy and healthy life is regular medical care. At Ashbridge Manor, we offer arrangements for and/or escort to medical appointments. This service is invaluable for residents who may find it challenging to arrange transportation or navigate to appointments alone. With a companion by their side, our residents feel more confident and relaxed, knowing they have someone to help them through the process.

Staying Active and Engaged

Our community believes in keeping our residents active and engaged. To support this, we offer activity reminders and escort services to meals and activities. This ensures our residents never miss out on the fun and can easily participate in the wide range of social and recreational activities we have to offer. The benefits of staying active are well-documented, from improved physical health to enhanced mental well-being.

Safety and Comfort in Their Own Space

Safety is a top priority at Ashbridge Manor, which is why we provide safety checks and modifications. This includes everything from making sure rooms are clutter-free to ensuring adequate lighting. Additionally, our companions assist with mail organization and other errands to help residents manage their daily tasks with ease. By removing these small hurdles, our residents can focus on enjoying their day-to-day lives.

Caring for What Matters Most

We know that pets and houseplants are beloved parts of many of our residents' lives. That's why we offer assistance with pet care and houseplants. Whether it's feeding a pet or watering plants, our companions are here to help. This service not only keeps our residents' furry and leafy friends happy but also provides peace of mind knowing they're taken care of.

A Little Extra Help with Personal Care

Personal grooming and hygiene can be a sensitive topic for many seniors. At Ashbridge Manor, we respect each resident's privacy while offering assistance with bathing and personal grooming. This service is designed to ensure our residents always feel their best without compromising their dignity. Additionally, we monitor the self-administration of medications to help our residents stay on track with their health routines.

Companionship and Connection

Finally, at the heart of our personal companion services is the simple yet profound act of conversation, monitoring, and companionship. We understand that human connection is crucial for emotional well-being. Our companions are not just service providers; they're friends who listen, share stories, and offer a comforting presence. Whether it's a chat over coffee or a walk in the garden, these moments of connection make all the difference.

At Ashbridge Manor, our personal companion services are designed to make life easier, safer, and more enjoyable for our residents. From medical escorts to personal grooming assistance, these services ensure that our residents can live with dignity, independence, and joy. We invite you to visit our community and discover the warmth and care that set Ashbridge Manor apart. We're more than a senior living community; we're a family

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