Simplify Your Move to a New Home with a Senior Moving Manager


Moving to a new home is tough for everyone with all the packing, labeling, moving, and unpacking. But for seniors, it can be an even bigger challenge due to limited mobility or just because the job is so overwhelming after acquiring a lifetimes worth of possessions. For many, a senior moving manager can be a blessing. Today, well talk about all the benefits of hiring a senior moving manager for your move, whether its to a smaller home or a senior assisted living facility. Sorting it all out. One of the toughest parts of a seniors move to a new home is downsizing. Youve accumulated treasured possessions for a lifetime, yet not all of it will fit in your new home. A senior moving manager has experience taking an overwhelmingly large job and breaking it down into small pieces, so youll be better equipped to sort through all those things and decide what will be done with them. There are plenty of options for keeping your memories alive, and senior moving managers have the knowledge to make that happen. Deciding what to do with whats left behind. Many items wont fit in your new home, but they shouldnt be discarded, either. Senior moving managers can help you decide which items to give away to family members, which should be donated, and which should be sold. Often, they also have connections with charities and auction houses to make it easy to sell or donate your items. Dealing with emotions. Downsizing and moving into a new home can be emotionally draining, and senior moving managers have the experience to help you with the emotional side of your move. Whether its giving away treasured mementos or dealing with sadness or fear that may come from leaving a long-time home, experienced senior moving managers know how to help see you through it. Avoiding family conflict. As you downsize and move into a smaller home or senior assisted living facility, its possible that family conflict will arise, either as you decide which family member will receive items or as some closer family members share more of the burden for the move. Here, senior moving managers step in as the objective third party to resolve conflict and put those gifting decisions back where they belong with you. They also clear away a lot of the burden of moving like packing and logistics, so family members are free to support you emotionally. When looking for a senior moving manager for your move, be sure they are members of the National Association of Senior Moving Managers (NASMM). Their members are insured and have received training in safety and ethics. And when its time to transition to a senior living facility, contact our professionals at Ashbridge Manor Senior Living. Our friendly, professional staff members and state-of-the-art facilities emphasize wellness, fun daily activities, and a welcoming sense of community, and we make it easy to transition to your new, active senior lifestyle. You can find us at 971 E. Lancaster Avenue in Downingtown, PA, call 610.269.8800, or contact us online for more information.

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