Fun Outdoor Activities for Seniors


With the warmer seasons upon us, its time to spend more time outdoors. For seniors, outdoor activities can be both fun and healthy, but its important to choose activities that are safe for you. Here are some of our favorite outdoor activities for seniors that just about anyone can try. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any new exercise activities to ensure that they are safe for you. Nature walks. Walking is healthy for most people, and the best part is that you can do it at your own pace. Whether youre strolling through the neighborhood or taking a hike in the woods, you can turn any walk into a nature walk by being mindful about the natural elements around you and even talking about them on a group walk. Bird watching. Anyone can participate in bird watching, even those who have limited mobility. The fresh air is great for everyone and noticing natural things like birds flying and singing has a calming effect. Binoculars make it easy to see, but even without them, you can enjoy the birds around you. Gardening. Gardening is a great outdoor activity because youre rewarded in the end with fresh vegetables or lovely, colorful flowers. Safety is important if you love gardening, so check out these tips on how to garden safely. Outdoor shows and events. As more people continue to receive vaccines, in some areas it has become safer now to attend an outdoor event, especially if youre fully vaccinated and if the event doesnt draw large crowds. Be sure to check in advance to ensure your event will follow all CDC distancing and mask-wearing recommendations so you can safely enjoy the concert, theater production, or other types of outdoor shows. Picnics. Outdoor picnics are always fun, provided you have help with the preparation. If youre sharing some outdoor time with others, plan who will bring which item in advance and be sure youre not carrying too much or walking too far to the picnic site. And be sure to follow CDC guidelines for masks and distancing if youre with others who dont live with you. Spending time outdoors is fun and can be extremely healthy as long as you stay safe. If its time to consider transitioning to a senior living facility, connect with our expert senior care professionals at Ashbridge Manor Senior Living. Our senior living facilities and fun recreational programs are designed to provide a healthy, active lifestyle in a friendly, caring community. You can find us at 971 E. Lancaster Avenue in Downingtown, PA, call 610.269.8800, or contact us online for more information. Ask us about our move-in special! Ashbridge Manor is a safe, COVID-free senior living community.

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