Talking to Your Aging Parents About Assisted Senior Living

Steep, narrow stairs and other physical dangers, isolation and loneliness, forgetfulness – these are some of the many reasons why it may be time for your aging parent to consider the move to assisted senior living. For you, the decision is easy, but your parents may be resisting the change. Having the conversation about moving to assisted senior living can sometimes be daunting. This is normal. In fact, most adults categorize their aging parents as “stubborn” when it comes to important life decisions, making that conversation even more difficult. Today, we’ll talk about some ways to approach the situation to help your aging parents make the best decision.

Accept their choices – for now. What comes across as stubbornness is often fear of change. It can be very difficult to leave a home, particularly if you’ve spent a lifetime there. Accepting change is a slow process that takes time – and rushing the decision won’t help in the long run. Chances are, they’ve been thinking about it themselves already and just need the time. Approach the subject in a different way later. We have a few ideas below.

Uncover motivations. You know your parents well. Think of all the reasons that they may be resisting the move. Chances are, you already have a pretty good idea. Consider those reasons when you approach them about the subject. Do they fear loneliness? Show them how many activities they can be involved in, without worrying about their health slowing them down. Are they the type of people who need all the facts? Do the homework before discussing the subject and bring along brochures and articles that talk about the benefits. Maybe they are holding onto memories. Show how building new memories can be just as important.

Consider the urgency. Are your aging parents in real danger of harming themselves if they stay at home? Or is assisted living something that can wait a few years? If it’s the former, enlist the help of their trusted friends or physician for the conversation so they can talk to them about the risks of living alone. If it’s the latter, don’t push the decision and approach it at another time. Your aging parents are adults, and ultimately the decision to move to assisted senior living is theirs.

Know the benefits. If your aging parents have health concerns, that may be at the top of your list of reasons to move to assisted living. But there are several other benefits to assisted senior living, like social activities, housekeeping, restaurant dining, onsite hair salons, crafts and games, transportation to shopping and other activities, and other onsite conveniences like laundry service, gift shops, and gardens for taking a relaxing walk. Research all the senior living facilities nearby and make a list of their amenities to discuss when you have that conversation with your aging parents.

If your aging parents are considering the move to assisted living, Ashbridge Manor Senior Living will help make the transition into their new, active, healthy lifestyle with peace of mind. Our facilities are designed to make seniors feel at home, with top-notch amenities, interesting activities, and a friendly sense of community. You can find us at 971 E. Lancaster Avenue in Downingtown, PA, call 610.269.8800, or contact us online for more information.